Build Your Success Network

Successful people don’t make it to the top by themselves. Sure, they’re  high achieving, ambitious, talented and hardworking folks. But they’re also smart enough to realize that they have to surround themselves with positive friends and associates who are likeminded. Like celebrities, their “Success Entourage” cheers them on, looks out for their best interests, and has their back when they face negativity or hard times.

You need to build your Success Entourage too! Reach out to friends who are excelling and find ways to spend more time with them. Join them in their activities and ask that they keep you in the loop. If you don’t know many folks who are doing well in school, in their jobs, or businesses, start attending events so that you can see new faces and make new friends.

Spending time with people like you who are trying to get ahead in life helps to keep you motivated to continue doing well. When they’re very ambitious, they stir you to push even higher. But, most importantly, immersing yourself in a positive network decreases your risk of  falling prey to negative influences that can derail your success.  Surround yourself with winners!


Dr. Webster is a clinical psychologist consultant and author of Success Management: How to Get to the Top and Keep Your Sanity Once You Get There , The Fear of Success: Stop It From Stopping You!, and Success! Ezine to help you get ahead in life. She is AASF’s Founder and President/CEO.