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Mailing Address: 7027 West Broward Boulevard, #313, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33317   (954) 792.1117

*** A Not-For-Profit Organization Whose Mission Is To Promote The Positive Image Of African Americans ***

Lydia Donaldson Tutt-Jones Memorial Research Grant

This grant provides financial support to students and professionals who conduct research to study African American success, particularly in the area of education. It is offered to encourage the building of the science of African American success by studying those attitudes and behaviors that cause people to attain high academic achievement. The research can focus upon early childhood education, student performance in the elementary, middle or high school years, as well as the attitudes and behaviors that help individuals finish vocational/technical school, college, graduate school, and excel in their jobs and careers.

By focusing upon the strategies that are working well for many highly successful African Americans nationwide and spreading the word about these successful strategies, the African American Success Foundation can help educational institutions, social service agencies, public policy makers, and other concerned citizens replicate these successes for many others in the years to come.

  • All proposals must make it clear that the research focus is on high academic achievers. Studies that are part of larger research projects or dissertations that are comparing high achievers to others may be considered if the AASF proposal focuses exclusively on those who are excelling. Studies about those who are slipping, lagging, just getting by, or who are failing will not be considered. Over the years, many very fine proposals could not be funded because they failed to meet grant criteria.
  • All proposals must clearly state how high academic achievers or high achievers are being defined. It’s not enough to simply state that subjects are college students, are in advanced classes, honors programs, or are pursuing doctorates. The Grant Selection Committee cannot assume that all of these subjects are doing well. Your proposal must indicate how this success is being defined and measured. And when the research includes subjects who score below a 3.0 GPA, for example, the proposal must make it clear that, to meet AASF’s criteria, the study targets only those who are scoring 3.0 GPA or better.
  • All proposals that use datasets must enable the researcher to focus on African-American high achievers. The Grant Selection Committee realizes that other populations may be of interest and applauds this research, but the exclusive focus of the Lydia Donaldson Tutt-Jones Memorial Research Grant is on African Americans.
  • All grant applications must include 6 collated sets of all materials so that all reviewers have a complete set.
  • All grant materials should be prepared in 12 pt font or larger.
  • All grant application materials should be copied on one side of the page and not on the front and back of the page.
  • All grant submissions should be submitted by traditional mail or, ideally, by methods that provide proof of delivery to the grant applicant.  AASF does not accept e-mail or other electronic submission of proposals.

Graduate students and professionals are eligible for this research grant. Students must be recommended by a faculty advisor who agrees to oversee the project and the submission of a publishable caliber paper upon its completion.

There is no special application form, recommended format, or length of material required. Interested individuals should submit a letter of interest in applying for the award, curriculum vitae, a description of the proposed research project (please give project a title) including a timeline, plus a letter of recommendation from their faculty advisor, if students, or from their department chairperson, agency head, or officer of their professional association, if professionals.

The letter of recommendation should include a statement of agreement to supervise the study to completion and to the submission of a publishable caliber paper.

Submit 6 copies of the application materials (for a total of six complete packets that each include all the documents requested including the letter of recommendation in  the packet for each reviewer).

Submit your materials by Fedex, UPS, or USPS with tracking to ensure verification of delivery by the deadline date and time.

Award: The grant is $5,000.00.

Funds are awarded directly to research grant recipients, not to their academic institutions, agencies or organizations. The award is intended to help make it possible for grant recipients to conduct their groundbreaking research on African American success and they are free to use grant funds as they deem necessary.

Awards Given: One each year.  All applicants and former grant recipients may re-apply.
Duration: 1 year. Please make it clear in your proposal and timeline that your study can be completed in one year.
Special Features:

1.  The Foundation may publish the final project.

2.  This memorial research grant is named for Lydia Donaldson Tutt-Jones, an African American who recruited teachers from around the country to work with students in the Fort Lauderdale area public school system.

Limitations: 1.  Recipients must prepare a publishable caliber paper upon completion of the project and provide a copy to the Foundation.

2.  African American Success Foundation may invite the Grant recipient to be its guest and present the research results at the organization’s Success Summit Conference or other forum.

Deadline:  The grant application deadline has passed.
Residency Requirement: United States
Tenability Locations: United States
Subjects: Psychology, Education, Sociology, African American Studies are of particular interest. Scholars who are conducting research about African American high academic achievers in all disciplines across all grade/training/employment levels are invited to apply.
To Apply:

Submit 6 copies of the application materials (for a total of six complete packets that each include all the documents requested including the letter of recommendation in each packet). Submit your materials by Fedex, UPS, or USPS with tracking to ensure verification of delivery by the deadline date and time.

Mail To:

Cynthia Wilson, Ph.D., Chairperson
Grant Selection Committee
Mailing Address:
7027 West Broward Boulevard, #313
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317

The Committee’s Selection Will Be Posted
on AASF‘s Website
and All Applicants Will Be Notified By Mail