What Is Technology? Technology is a way of organizing the existing data and systems so that they can be accessed in an efficient and effective manner. The word technology is derived from the combining of two words, technology and science, to mean “a procedure or a method”. Technology is theContinue Reading

Understanding Celebrity Families Celebrity is a generalized term of mass public perception and popular acclaim of a person or group, usually as a consequence of the extreme attention paid to them by various media. Celebrity gossip is the most common manifestation of this phenomenon. This form of communication is mostContinue Reading

Oprah Winfrey Shares Success News With Celebrities Can you believe the Oprah Winfrey’s latest success news? She’s now The New York Times Bestselling author, and Oprah Magazine contributor. As an author, the Oprah Winfrey Show, she’s a must-read bestseller with multiplexes already available. However, it seems that her next bookContinue Reading

The word celebrity was coined from the Greek word celebrityos, which means famous or notable. In the English language, the word celebrity is usually used to refer to a famous or noteworthy individual, rather than a particular animal or a plant. A celebrity is usually a famous individual who receivesContinue Reading