The word “celeb” is almost a given and quite an unqualified term indicating a person famous due to popularity, reputation or noted reputation for having attained some degree of popularity or renown in the society. There are several different levels of celebrity, all of which depend upon the desirability of the person and the desirability of the media for which the person is popular. The word celebrity is applied to those who have achieved renown in the field of film, literature or music but is often used in the context of television, radio and even print.

The first celebrity traces its roots back to the media attraction that came about as a result of the rise of film production in the early 20th century. As a result of the rising popularity of movies and the progress in camera and lighting technology, celebrities began to be depicted in films. Initially it was simply the film directors who were the celebrities but slowly the entire nation came to realize that these celebrities were actually popular amongst the general public and their frippery or eccentricity was beginning to rub shoulders with the greats of society.

The present day celebrity is frequently referred to as a famous person in the United States of America or the United Kingdom or the other various cultures that exist throughout the world today. In common usage, the word celebrity is used to identify an individual who is famous in one area but not so well known in another area. In American popular culture, for example, an individual who is very popular among hip hop musicians would be referred to as a rapper but might be unknown in the general public at all. The same principle is true of the word that describes a movie star, a sports figure or a musician in general and can be applied in many other ways as well.

Generally speaking, a celebrity is somebody who is well known in one field but not so well known in others. The most famous stars in Hollywood were well known in the entertainment business but were actually unknown in the cultural milieu in which they lived. Even in their home country of the United States, they were generally but not exclusively celebrities.

A celebrity can be described as any person who is famous for something apart from his or her actual presence. In American popular culture, for example, the term “The Bachelor” is used to describe a reality TV show that features a man competing with other men for the right to be with a series of women as a professional married couple. The term “The New York Times” refers to a newspaper that is widely read by people throughout the world and that is also famous for its reporting on many topics, not least of which are celebrities. In order for a celebrity to be truly famous, he or she must have a level of popularity that transcends the barriers of race, gender, age or even socio-economic status.

In terms of total fame, only four of the biggest stars in the world are still alive today. Henry Kissinger is still famous to this day as a world leader and one of the surviving former secretaries of states to the Nixon administration. Rush Limbaugh is a talk show host who is syndicated around the country and around the world. Britney Spears is an actress and teenage pop star, who has been married to multiple times and is currently being sued by her ex-husband over the use of her name in a song. Kevin Spacey is an award winning writer and actor who is known for his portrayal of a number of characters both fictional and real in his television work.

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