The Number One Thing That Keeps Individuals From Succeeding In Business

When I started out in the late seventies I was very unfamiliar with the term “success news” and I didn’t know what it meant. When I did finally find out what the term meant I thought it meant that some great success story I’d seen would be featured in the newspapers or on the evening news. I assumed it was a great success story because there had to be a great success story in the newspaper. Well I guess the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of success stories are not front displayed in the newspaper. In fact if you asked me I probably wouldn’t have as much success as I do now.

success news

The “success news” for most is just that, a new business. So, why are we hearing so much about new business these days? Well, I believe there are several reasons. First, we’ve all been in a dead end job for quite some time and while we may have never felt like we were in a dead end job, we have all probably wondered how we ever got through the day without our extra income.

Second, many individuals and businesses have started up during the last several years, creating jobs for tens of thousands of people. There are also millions of people that are working for themselves right now in all different areas of the economy. If you look at the numbers you can see that a great portion of these new business owners started out as part-time workers with not much success. It’s hard to believe that anyone who starts up a new business can succeed with it. But it’s true. We are hearing success news every single day for thousands of new businesses.

Finally, there are many individuals and businesses that have experienced success news due to their ability to identify with the customer and reach out to them. A few years ago when I started my business I made a huge mistake. I started marketing an exercise equipment business to people who were actually overweight. If I had marketed only those who were skinny or considered average looking, I am sure that my business would have been shut down a long time ago.

My biggest mistake was trying to reach out to the people who didn’t think my business was for them. I am so glad that I identified with the customers and reached out to them. Many of the success stories in the news today are from small business owners that finally understood the importance of reaching out to their customer base. These businesses either lost a lot of money or never made much. But they learned from their experience and got back on track.

You should take note of any new business or opportunity that you encounter today. These are success stories that are being shared with everyone by the thousands. What is the number one thing that keeps them from succeeding? The answer is boredom. When you don’t have something exciting to keep you busy you simply won’t go anywhere.