Why Are Celebrities So Popular?


Why Are Celebrities So Popular?

Celebrities are very famous people and they seem to have it easy. They live a glamorous lifestyle, lavishly taking in box office revenues and often losing millions of dollars over the course of several years. But despite having such an easy ride, celebrities have experienced everything from infidelity to bankruptcy. In fact, more celebrities are filing for bankruptcy today than in any other time in history.

For celebrities, as for most other public personalities, fame can come at a steep price. Not only do they have to pay the price for being famous, but also for selling out their souls to the public by acting in films or commercials. Celebrities are constantly negotiating with movie studios and marketing companies to create a good public persona for their film or commercial ventures. As much as some actors and actresses know that it is important to get into shape and become healthy, other celebrities feel that it is more important to maintain a “look.” Consequently, they spend enormous amounts of money on personal trainers, dietitians, and medications that help them to keep looking good and fit.

Television celebrities face the same pressures that regular people do when they are trying to promote themselves. Just as actors pitch product lines to grocery store shelves and TV personalities appear on daytime television, so does every celebrity who wants to be a part of the limelight. In some cases, this means hiring professional motivational speakers to help them create positive images and make better choices for their personal and professional lives. But others, like the late Jerry Hall, take matters into their own hands and decide to “man up” and act as a more responsible individual. After all, by deciding to “man up,” celebrities can actually improve their odds of being successful in business.

Just as well known celebrities have their own personal chefs, stylists, and dietitians, they also have to pay close attention to what they eat. For example, there is no way that a person who is famous enough to be invited onto the Oprah Winfrey show is eating junk food. The same goes for a person who is a well known heartthrob and is seen slobbering over steaks at an expensive restaurant. It’s true that some of these people may be overweight, but they are hardly an unhealthy type of celebrity. However, many of them would probably like to slim down and be more health conscious.

When people are exposed to the media and the world at large, they often feel an attraction towards stars who live a lifestyle that is similar to their own. This has been especially true since the mass media began to give prominence to celebrities. In modern parlance, fame means a status in society-and a specific kind of social status that is associated with a particular set of behaviors, characteristics, and actions. Thus, just as one might associate the word “celebration” with music and artists who are considered stars, similarly, celebrities are now seen as role models to many people. Celebrities are idolized by millions of individuals around the world, who have come to view them as living examples of living up to their own standards of personal excellence and public fascination with them.

However, the entertainment business is not the only industry benefiting from the public’s newfound fascination with celebrities. Actors and actresses are also becoming celebrities because of the roles they play in popular TV shows and films. For example, the late Robin Williams became a celebrity after his starring role in the film Austin Powers: The Pursuit of Happyness. After his untimely death, his contributions to the world of comedy were recognized with several honors. Similarly, Jack Nicholson became a household name with his portrayal of CIA spy John Howard Roark in the movie A Few Good Men.