Fame and Celebrity in Today’s World

Many people do not know how celebrity came into existence. Well, celebrity is not just a word, but a way of life. There are several people and several things that are considered as celebrity. But what is more famous than a person?


Fame can be defined as the ability to be recognized by others. In other words, you become famous when you are noticed or are not noticed. Some examples of famous people are actors and actresses. However, celebrity is also an uncountable word. The word famous can only be counted up to 1, usually, the plural cannot even be counted, as in “celebrity basketball players.” And so, the word celebrity has nothing to do with fame or recognition.

So far, we have established that celebrity and fame do not originate from one another. Fame may come from other sources. Perhaps the most famous celebrities are the stars of the movies. However, even celebrities, in almost all walks of life, can gain fame through the efforts of the mass media. Even politicians can become famous because of the popularity of their movies.

Celebrities can be categorized based on the types of fame they enjoy. Some people enjoy public fame, while others enjoy the media fame. So far, all types of celebrities, which are defined as those who enjoy some public recognition and/or media exposure, can be considered celebrities. We can further divide celebrity in two groups: the famous celebrities and the non-famous celebrities. The first group comprises of those celebrities who gain recognition through their films or performances, while the second group comprises of those celebrities who receive recognition through the efforts of the mass media.

Most well known celebrities are the celebrities of television shows and movies. There are many famous celebrities of modern times, who are popular among the people even through their television shows. These celebrities have a number of popular shows on which people wait for their television series. A celebrity, in this case, is a character in a story, a novel, or a magazine. An example of such a celebrity is Oprah Winfrey, who is famous for her television shows; Bill Gates, who is famous for his books; and Tiger Woods, who is famous for his sports coverage in the world media.

When a celebrity dies, there will be a lot of speculation about their death, as well as about their life. After a celebrity dies, their obituaries appear in the newspapers and magazines, along with a picture of the celebrity. This will help people to learn more about a celebrity. Some examples of television stars who were very popular among the audience are Jon Bon Jovi, who had a series of hit albums, and Michael Jackson, who was able to create a huge impact on the television audience through his music and concerts.