Fame or Celebrity?

There are different types of people who get fame. There are famous actors and actresses and singers, there are political figures who get fame through their performance in the public arena. Fame is a state of wider public recognition and popularity of a person or group due to the sustained interest given to them by wide circulated media. This form of fame is one of its kind and has no limit. Some famous people include the likes of Muhammad Ali, Sir Michael Caine, Didoctors Al Pacino and Marlon Brando.


To understand how celebrity gets fame, we have to first understand what celebrity status is. By gaining enough celebrity status, it is possible for a person to influence the decisions of the masses. It is also possible for a person to get famous in their own right. This will not only give them financial gains, but also immense fame within their own niche of activity.

The media is the biggest tool that allows anyone to gain recognition and fame. This fame can be gained through famous movie stars such as Bruce Willis, Gene Hackman, Tom Cruise, and Will Smith. These actors and actresses are considered icons by the majority of the people because of their performances in the film industry. The film industry also benefits from these icons because they act in popular films and television shows. The television show and the film industry also rely on the celebrity for advertising purposes.

Current usage of this term “celebrity” is widely understood and therefore it is very common to hear people making references to the celebrities in their daily lives. Television shows such as The Apprentice are very well known amongst young American men. In the same way, the phrase “I am a Celebrity” is commonly used among the young British males.

The importance of celebrity in our lives today can be clearly observed in the 20th century entertainment industry. The invention of cinema has changed the way people view celebrity cults. Earlier, the concept of celebrity was something associated with the film industry only. However, with the invention of cable television and the launch of a number of DVD’s, the concept of private lives being celebrity has begun to fade away.

Private individuals who were well known in the film industry and were also popular in the television industry have now become celebrities. They are adored by millions of fans. As such, they are treated like a deity by the majority of the people. Even countries like India and Pakistan have created icons to worship. One can safely say that the concept of celebrity is here to stay.