Why Are Celebrities So Famous?

Celebrity is a status of wide public recognition and sometimes of an institution or group of people as a consequence of the interest given to them by popular mass media. Popular culture recognizes celebrity as icon of good or evil. They are usually played by leading actors and actresses in Hollywood movies or television programs, where their lives and personalities are made into comic strip, soap opera or other form of entertainment media, making stars out of ordinary people. They are also immortalized in songs, books, and other printed materials. Actors portray them in movies and television shows, while actresses portray them in plays and films.


The term celebrity came into popular use during the later nineteenth century, when the fashion for glamour began to define modern beauty standards. At that time, the word celebrity was used to signify any person of distinction who was generally looked up to or admired by others. This change in meaning gave celebrity a new definition, which today we call celebrity status.

There are many categories of celebrity, and some are widely known, while others are less well known. One of them is film star. A famous actor or actresses in Hollywood films belongs to this category. These celebrities have created characters or plots for television series, stage plays, and other forms of entertainment media, and their fame is widespread among the people.

Film stars are often associated with a single profession or career. Their fame is usually universal and they can appeal to people of all ages, classes and cultures. In the late twentieth century, a number of television and film celebrities became famous all over the world, and they formed a popular entertainment subculture. Successful actors and actresses in the nineteen sixties and the early twentieth century were named after their famous roles in the popular television shows and films, making them celebrities.

Celebrity status is also associated with public fascination. Celebrities are the object of intense public fascination, and they are looked up to by millions of people. When a new celebrity is born, there is immense excitement and interest in the entire community and the media, and entertainers and other celebrities get more popularity and recognition. Public fascination with celebrities is based on several factors. Firstly, the celebrity is thought to possess extraordinary powers; secondly, the celebrity’s personal life is scrutinized closely by the media; celebrity gossip is published in the press, celebrity magazines, and celebrity newspapers; celebrities are featured in news stories and important events are commemorated; and, finally, people tend to follow the careers of celebrities closely, following their lives, and reading their biographies.

Celebrities can be found in numerous fields such as sports, politics, entertainment, and the fashion industry. Some celebrities are well known for their great contributions to their respective fields of endeavor, while others are recognized for their controversial behavior as well as controversial dressing styles. Fashion designers like Gwen Stefani and Tyra Banks are celebrities as well as public figures. Many people can recall the names of their favorite fashion designers, and they also have a special attachment with some of the fashion houses that have produced the products designed by their favorite designers. Celebrities are considered to be icons by millions of individuals around the world, and they enjoy a high level of social networking due to the widespread social media presence.