The Definition of a Celebrity

The word “celebrity” is derived from the Latin celebritas, which means “fame, abounding in busyness,” and is a synonym for “celebrity.” Early meanings of the word include pomp, ceremony, and an act of celebration. While some of these early meanings are more modern, the word “celebrity” is still associated with religious connotations.


The OED first attested the word “celebrity” in 1831. The OED defines a celebrity as “a well-known person” in a particular field, such as entertainment, sport, or politics. It is often used to describe a person who has drawn public attention. In other words, a celebrity has gained popularity as a result of their work. And they have stayed famous for years. In their various roles in film, television, and other forms of media, celebrities have become increasingly popular, as shown by their appearances.

As popular culture evolved, the definition of a celebrity evolved. A rock star, like Elvis Presley, was a celebrity, as was a pop group. Likewise, the Beatles were a famous pop group, with John Lennon quoting Jesus: “We’re more popular than Jesus.” Then, television was introduced. The term celebrity was not used for actors, but for athletes, singers, and other performers.

A famous person or group commands public fascination. A band, for example, is a “celebrity”; and a sports team is a “celebrity.” Several other usages of the word celebrity are more common, such as in film. Superstar, a band, or television personality all fall under the category of celebrity. However, the OED definition of a celebrity is more broad than the other definitions.

The OED first recorded the definition of “celebrity” in 1831. It defines a celebrity as a person who is famous in a particular field. For example, a sports star can be considered a “celebrity” if he or she is a superstar in the world of sports. Similarly, a musician can be a “celebrity” in a particular genre of music.

The OED’s definition of “celebrity” dates back to the late 1800s, and is currently the most common definition of “celebrity.” Today, the word is also used to describe a person who is popular in a particular field. For example, a singer’s popularity may be affected by the type of music they play. The word “celebrity” can be defined as a person’s popularity in the world of entertainment.

A celebrity’s symbolisms are often intertwined with his or her lifestyle. For example, Cher’s ‘everyday’ meanings, such as “famous” in French, “celebrity in English” or “celebrity in Spanish” are all embodied by the famous singer or actor. This translates to the products marketed by a celebrity. It’s not surprising that many people identify with celebrities.