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In this era of’more, better, faster,’ the idea of success can feel like shooting in a landscape where the targets constantly move. But is there a more sustainable way to think about achievement?

“This book is full of life-affirming stories and a reminder that even the small things we do can have a huge impact. It is a must read for anyone who wants to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.” —Nathaniel P. Wright, National Bestseller author of “One Little Thing”

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In order to understand what makes people successful, researchers have two broad theories: either successes are a matter of luck, or they’re the result of learning. To test the theory, researchers started with the simplest possible scenario: a coin toss. This meant that what happened before had no bearing on the outcome, so whether a person was on their first or hundredth attempt at something had little effect on its result. That is, if they win, it’s due to chance, and if they lose, they didn’t learn anything.