What is a Celebrity?


A celebrity is someone who is famous or well known and has a lot of fans. This is usually because of their acting, singing or modeling work but sometimes they become famous for other reasons. For example, a celebrity may become famous because of something they did in their private life. Celebrities often have to put up with a lot of criticism because their mistakes are publicized. They also have to be careful not to do anything that might harm their image or hurt the people who love them.

Some celebrities do good things for the world. For example, some celebrities help people with disabilities or other problems. Some of them even go undercover to help law enforcement. Others take their efforts a step further and study to become lawyers to help more people. Some of them have even started their own non-profit organizations to help those in need.

The word celebrity comes from the Latin celebritas meaning celebration or fame. It first entered English at the start of C15 and was used in several senses. In modern times it has come to mean a person who is renowned and widely recognized, generally as a result of the mass media and the power it holds over individuals. It has been compared with the status of royalty and gods in ancient times.

Many people are curious about the lives of celebrities and are interested in what they do for a living. For example, some people like to know about the relationship of a celebrity with their partner or how they raise their children. They can also get upset when they find out that a celebrity has done something wrong. For example, a celebrity might have been accused of cheating on their spouse or they might have been caught smoking marijuana in public.

Other people do not like celebrities because they believe that they are not hard working and that they do not deserve to be treated specially. They also believe that celebrities do not contribute to society as much as regular people. They do not always behave well in public and they can be snobby.

In the past, celebrities were mostly royalty or religious figures but now they are almost always film and television stars. They can have a huge impact on the way we live our lives because of the money they make. They can influence the fashion industry and the music we listen to. They can also be role models for young people.

Some of them start out on TV and then move to movies. For example, Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney both started on TV and then became big movie stars. They can also be in different types of films at the same time, such as comedy and action. They can also star in a drama about a family or a romance with a famous person. Other stars, such as Adam Sandler and Justin Bieber, have gone from one genre to the other.