Memorial Tributes

The Following Memorial Gifts Were Made To The

Founding Contributors
Amentia Williams  Helen Barney Coleman  Ethel Curtis  Louis and Maker Donaldson
Shelia Dudley Alice Jones  Anita Jones  Denice Jones
Jennifer Jones  Karlene Jones Adrienne Griffin  Elizabeth Montgomery
Deserie Sanchez  Luella Sanchez (In Memoriam) Leandrew and Dorise Wall E. Carol Webster
Charles P. Webster Tracy N. Webster  Samuel and Ellarease Wells West Badin North Carolina Community

Endurance Contributors
Thomas Backus Mae Batts  Bill Bryngelson  Barry Calimese
Helen Barney Coleman  Homer and Bertha Cooper  Louis and Maker Donaldson  Carlos and Jo Ann Edelin
Dr. Adrienne Griffin  Yvonne Julian-Hargrove  Margaret D. Harvey  Carol M. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Jolly Morgan B. and Pauline D. Page Hon. Carlton Moore Dorise and Leandrew Wall
George and Frances Wilson



Carlos Edelin
Jo Ann Edelin, Charles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Adam "AD" TurnerLeandrew & Dorise Wall
Adrienne Griffin, Ph.D.Charles & Carol Webster, Tracy Webster, Esq., Association of Black Psychologists-South Florida Chapter
Albert Webster, Sr.Charles, Carol & Tracy Websster
Alice JonesCharles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Allice KempTeresa Holliday
Altamont DonegalDr. E. Carol Webster
Beatrice Bertha Harper WomackDeLesa Edwards Parrish
Beatrice Harper WomackDeLesa Edwards Parrish
Beverly Clarke DorsettDr. E. Carol Webster
Carmelita "Tibble" CoitCharles & Carol Webster
Charles JohnsonLou & Maker Donaldson
Charles L. MorrisonLou Donaldson
Clifton Bradley, Jr.Charles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Cllifton Bernard Bradley, Sr.Louis & Maker Donaldson, Leandrew & Dorise Wall
Conty HobbsLouis & Maker Donaldson
Denice JonesCharles & Carol Webster
Dorson S. WellsCharles & Carol Webster
Edna J. HenryCarol Henry
Elizabeth MontgomeryLou Donaldson
Essie LyonsCharles & Carol Webster
Etta Mae TaylorCharles & Carol Webster
Eve CurtisEthel Curtis & Dorian Paat, Charles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Gerald "Rasuli" Lewis
Judy Kesin Faherty
Geraldine HollidayHarry & Yvonne Hargrove, Charles & Carol Webster
Gregory LewisDr. E. Carol Webster
Gwendolyn Allen EdwardsDeLesa Edwards Parrish, Charles & Carol Webster
Hattie GilliamCharles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Herman FosterLou & Maker Donaldson
Homer CooperCharles & Carol Webster
Homer CooperLouis & Maker Donaldson, Charles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Irwin StokesCharles, Carol & Tracy Webster
James D. Mallory, Sr.Cynthia Anderson
Jennie A. WellsCharles & Carol Webster
John A. JonesCharles & Carol Webster
Johnnie GlasperCharles & Carol Webster
Judith WiggsCharles & Carol Webster
Kamellia RobertsAASF Board of Directors & Grant Selection Committee
Leacy Allen
Louis & Maker Donaldson, Charles & Carol Webster
Leacy AllenMae A. Batts, Charles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Leandrew WallDorise Wall, Charles, Carol & Tracy Webster, Preformed Line Products Company
Leon F. NelsonDr. E. Carol Webster
Luella & Faustino SanchezDeserie Sanchez
Luna BaileyCharles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Lydia Donaldson Tutt-JonesLouis Donaldson
Maker Neal DonaldsonAlice Jones, Denice Jones, Carol Hernandez, CPA, Carlos & Willeta Donaldson, Association of Black Psychologists-South Florida Chapter, Rasuli Lewis, Harry & Yvonne Hargrove
Margaret D. HarveyDorise Wall, Charles & Carol Webster, Tracy Webster, Esq.
Margaret O'ShaughnessyDorise Wall
Marie-France DesrosiersDr. E. Carol Webster
Mary WebsterCharles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Maxter Allen, Sr.
Dorise Wall
Melissa N. TelsonCharles & Carol Webster
Melvin Turner, Jr.Shirley Golden Turner & Melvin D. Turner III
Michael Gerald BrownHarry & Yvonne Hargrove
Milton C. MorrisChristine Morris
Milton C. MorrisChristine Morris
Morgan Page, Sr.Louis & Maker Donaldson, Leandrew & Dorise Wall, Charles & Carol Webster
Mr. Lawrence Lee Womack, Sr.DeLesa Edwards Parrish
Nasif Rahbi Ali
Charles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Pastor Willie Hargrove, Jr.
Charles & Carol Webster
Reginald HaleCharles & Carol Webster
Robert FowlerCharles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Roderick Alan BattsCharles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Roderick TazwellCharles Webster
Samuel Wells
AASF Board of Directors
Silas HarrisCynthia Anderson
Vernice TravisLou Donaldson
Vernon McCulloughFrank Alipranti, Siemens Information & Communications Networks, Thomas Turner, Siemens ICN Diversity Council
Charles & Carol Webster
Vincent GoldenCharles, Carol & Tracy Webster
Virginia ColleyCharles, Carol & Tracy Webster
William Franklin HoltLinda Holt, Harry & Yvonne Hargrove, Charles & Carol Webster
William HarrisCynthia Anderson