Promote Persistence

It’s easy to blame kids for their lack of persistence but parents need to take responsibility too. Children take their cues from you, so communicate and demonstrate that you expect them to persevere in all they do.

Most parents don’t hesitate to support their kids’ determination to become the best in sports or other activities that require repetitive practice and drilling . Youngsters and young adults spend hours upon hours excelling in these endeavors and good for them when they do well. But how many hours do they spend reading? How much time do they spend on their math and science studies and developing excellence in communication? These are important success skills, but often get ignored in favor of pursuits that may lead to multimillion dollar success for the very few.

Embrace cerebral activities too. Expect the same show of devotion and discipline in academics. Spend just as many hours shuttling your children to libraries, book stores, debate competitions, science fairs, and after school clubs as you do activities you hope will catapult them to stardom. Travel as far and wide to brain bowls as you do for tryouts.

Help your children become conversant, multi-skilled contributing citizens to our community. It’s up to YOU to nurture our brilliance as much as our brawn.


Dr. Webster is a clinical psychologist consultant and author of Success Management: How to Get to the Top and Keep Your Sanity Once You Get There , The Fear of Success: Stop It From Stopping You!, and Success! Ezine to help you get ahead in life. She is AASF’s Founder and President/CEO.