Scientific Research

Scientific Research is essential to understanding the attitudes and behaviors that have already helped the many highly successful African Americans reach their goals. The AFRICAN AMERICAN SUCCESS FOUNDATION (AASF) believes that defining Black Success is critical. Since 1999, AASF awarded grants to help build the science of African American success by studying those who are thriving in society and by encouraging others to put greater emphasis upon studying Black strengths too.

AASF kept its focus firmly on research because:

  • Nothing predicts future success better than past success. It is important to understand what already works well in order to replicate this success in the future.
  • It is important to obtain information and insight from individuals who are living success. This helps to establish reference points of success, competence and high expectations, not deficit, dysfunction, and failure.
  • Knowing what works well and with whom can help inform the drafting of meaningful policy and the design of effective service programs.

Though the competitive research program is now closed, please take note of the scholars who received AASF grants and their cutting-edge research about the success attitudes and behaviors of African American high achievers.


Examining Teacher Instructional Practices Used in Classrooms with High Achieving African American Students. Ambra L. Green, Ph.D.
Gender Differences among the Psycho-social Constructs that Shape Academic Achievement for High Achieving African American Adolescents Detris Honora Adelabu, Ed.D.
Strategies African American Mothers Use to Promote a Positive Racial Identity in their Elementary-age Daughters Attending a Predominantly White SchoolChasity Bailey-Fakhoury
African American Students Defy the Achievement Gap: A Phenomenological StudyGloria Brown
Effective Schools, Effective Students - Breeding Animosity: The "Burden of Acting White" and Other Problems of Status Group Hierarchies in SchoolsWilliam "Sandy" Darity, Ph.D
Psychosocial Keys to African American Achievement? Examining the Relationship Between Achievement and Psychosocial Variables in High Achieving African AmericansDante Dixson & Cyrell Roberson
The Sideline Stories: High-Performing-Black-Male-Student-Experiences-and-Strategies-in-Low-Performing-High-SchoolsTravis Dumas
Overcoming Obstacles: A Study of African American Students with Disabilities Achieving Academic SuccessBrandy Gatlin
Black Dads Matter! Analyzing Ambition, Parent Education, and High Math AchievementMicah Johnson
The Identification of Factors that Facilitate Academic Success of Students from African Descent in American Schools, Colleges and Other Institutions of Higher EducationLuretha Lucky, Ed.D.
Chronicles of Success: Black College Students Achieving in Mathematics and EngineeringEbony McGee
Tomorrow's Forecast: Future Orientation As A Protective Factor Among Low-Income African American AdolescentsZena Mello, M.S.
The Impact of Social and Cognitive Factors on the Academic Achievement of High Achieving African American UndergraduatesKalynda Smith, Ph.D.
Academic Success: From Welfare to Professional CareersReva Thomas, M.S.
Parenting Practices Among Parents/Guardians of Academically Successful Fifth Grade African American Children in High Poverty CommunitiesCirecie West-Olatunji, Ph.D
A Study of Academically High Achieving, Economically Challenged African American Young MenJohn Young