Grant Selection Committee

Dr. Cynthia Wilson

Dr. Cynthia L. Wilson served as Chairperson of AASF’s Grant Selection Committee from 2002 to 2019 and provided valuable input into the review and selection process. Dr. Wilson is a tenured Professor in the Department of Exceptional … Read More

Dr. Sandra Thompson Smith

Dr. Sandra Thompson Smith is Secretary of AASF Board of Directors and served on the African American Success Foundation's Grant Selection Committee as its Liaison to the Board of Directors to identify AASF's research priorities and grant … Read More

Irvin Minney

Mr. Irvin Minney, retired Community Transit Officer for Broward County Transportation, is one of the Founding Board of Directors of the African American Success Foundation, actively serving on the Board for many years . Mr. Minney helped to … Read More

Tracy N. Webster, Esq.

Ms. Tracy Webster is a longtime AASF volunteer and donor who served on the Grant Selection Committee. … Read More

Karen Harris

Ms. Karen D. Harris served on the African American Success Foundation’s Grant Selection Committee. She has over 20 years’ experience administering mental health and human services programs and working in the real estate industry. Ms. … Read More

African American Success Foundation Grant Selection Committee

Grant Selection Committee

Special Thanks to Our Dedicated Grant Selection Committee for their Many Years of Dedicated Service in Reviewing and Evaluating Proposals for AASF's Research Grant Program   Karen Harris (l), Dr. Cynthia Wilson (lc), Tracy … Read More