Dr. E. Carol Webster

AASF Founder and President /CEO

Dr. Webster is a clinical psychologist consultant and author of Success Management: How to Get to the Top and Keep Your Sanity Once You Get There , The Fear of Success: Stop It From Stopping You!, and Success! Ezine to help you get ahead in … Read More

Beatrice Julian

Success Books Reviewer & Newsletter Contributor

A scholarly interest in studies of African American achievement inspired Beatrice “Bea” Julian’s dedication to supporting the goals of the African American Success Foundation (AASF). Her retirement in 2015, after serving 10 years as … Read More

Samuel D. Wells – In Memoriam


Samuel was a devoted Friend of AASF since the organization’s inception and, along with his wife Ellarease, had the distinction of attending every annual Success Summit conference since AASF began hosting the conferences in 2000. Some … Read More