Dr. Detris Adelabu 2009

Lydia Donaldson Tutt-Jones Memorial Research Grant Recipient

Detris Adelabu, Ed.D. was awarded the African American Success Foundation Lydia Donaldson Tutt-Jones Memorial Research Grant in 2009 in support of her research titled Gender Differences among the Psychosocial Constructs that Shape Academic Achievement for High Achieving African American Adolescents that examined the relationship of academic achievement to time perspective, optimism, school belonging and consideration of future consequences. Results confirm these relationships, but identify the following variances across gender: “Future time perspective and consideration for future consequences were significantly related to academic achievement for high achieving females, whereas optimism and school belonging significantly related to academic achievement for high achieving males.”

Dr. Adelabu is Chair and Associate Professor of Human Development at Wheelock College-Boston where she conducts research on factors that promote academic success for low-income rural and urban African American adolescents. Her research has been published in such journals as Adolescence, Urban Education and the Journal of School Violence. In addition, Dr. Adelabu has made numerous regional and national presentations to educators on topics related to African American student achievement, school climate and ethnic identity. Dr. Adelabu is the recipient of several awards and grants for her work and serves on the board of two non-profit organizations established to empower low-income children and families.  She holds degrees from Southern University-Baton Rouge, Purdue University and the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.

For more information about Dr. Adelabu and her research contact her at dadelabu@wheelock.edu

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