Ebony McGee 2004

Lydia Donaldson Tutt-Jones Memorial Research Grant Recipient

Dr. Ebony McGee conducted research while a Ph.D. student in Math Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago on “..the success factors of African American students who pursue math related college majors such as engineering, computer and math science. (Her) particular focus relates to these students’ multidimensional motivations to pursue a success math/math related career in spite of any unusual circumstances they had to overcome.” She will be closely studying individuals who have “taken at least 6 math courses and received at least A or B in at least five of those classes” and who are recipients of the Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship, a scholarship for academically gifted students with financial need. The students will be chosen from low-income households where parents/guardians have no college education. She examined the association of variables such as persistence, resilience, self-determination, and community involvement with success in mathematics. Read more about this research: Chronicles of Success: Black College Students Achieving in Mathematics and Engineering