AASF Research Grant Program

Mission Accomplished!

 Since 1999, AASF awarded 20 research grants to graduate students and faculty across a range of disciplines to encourage scholars to study Black success rather than the usual focus on deficits, failures, and dysfunctions. (See https://blacksuccessfoundation.org/research-grants-awarded-by-aasf/)

AASF Grantees completed studies that all focus on the success strategies used by African American high achievers and span numerous Library of Congress Education categories, such as Educational Psychology, Educational Sociology, Home and School (examining the role of parental figures), Children with Disabilities, School Life-Student Manners and Customs, Teaching Principles and Practice, Gender Differences, and others (See https://blacksuccessfoundation.org/staff-group/grant-recipients/AASF Board of Directors also issued several Special Recognition Awards to graduate students whose studies were not selected for full grant funding but were deemed worthy of support (See https://blacksuccessfoundation.org/staff-group/grant-recipients/).

After AASF launched its grant program, there was a noticeable increase in research on African American strengths and positive correlates of success. Indeed, an anti-deficit research model emerged in the academic community, becoming increasingly embraced by many scholars around the country. AASF applauds these scholars and their institutions for understanding the importance of including in their portfolios the study of African Americans who are excelling so that others can replicate this success in their own lives

After observing this significant progress in the scholarly identification of positive African American attitudes and behaviors, AASF Board of Directors proudly proclaimed Mission Accomplished! and closed AASF‘s competitive grant program.  AASF is pleased that additional positive impacts of AASF grants were:

  • Helped to Define Black Success — building the science of African American success by providing support for the focused study of this important topic.
  • Developed a resource pool of individuals who are knowledgeable about the success strategies of African Americans.
  • Helped to counter negative myths and stereotypes that undermine the attainment and maintenance of success in society.
  • Contributed to the education of individuals who are interested in African American success issues.

Please continue to follow the research and careers of AASF Grantees as they advance the study of African American high achievers. Look for their great work in esteemed journals and elsewhere on the web.

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Its Research Grant Proposals

(The above page is only a sample of the annual Grant Criteria page. The research grant program accomplished its mission and is now closed so no further research proposals will be accepted.)


Board of Directors thanks the Grant Selection Committee for its years of service in reviewing research proposals and recommending scholars for grant funding to the Board.

Dr. Cynthia Wilson-Chair,  Dr. Sandra Thompson Smith-

AASF Board Liaison, and Members Irvin Minney, Tracy Webster,
Karen Harris, and Lamont Roberts.

Learn more about Grant Selection Committee Members at

(Photo: Karen Harris-left, Dr. Cynthia Wilson-mid left, Tracy Webster-center via video conference,
Dr. Sandra Thompson Smith-mid right, Irvin Minney-right.)