Unplug Yourself To Plug InTo Your Kids

You take the kids out for dinner but you might as well stay at home — You’re on your cell phone, the kids are glued to games on their tablets, and there’s hardly room on the table for the food with all the gadgets spread around. What’s the point of this outing? There’s no family togetherness going on

Set new ground rules and start with yourself: Put the cell phone away. Decide that you’re going to enjoy your kids and begin by paying attention to them. You can bear to unplug and disconnect from your technology for the time it takes to enjoy dinner — and the kids can too. Learn how to talk to one another again.

In addition to teaching your kids proper table etiquette and socialization when dining out with people, you’ll be boosting their emotional intelligence and communication skills. Help them learn how to hold a conversation, read faces and body language, and to simply enjoy interacting with others in a confined space. Nix the devices and set your kids on the path of people-success today!


Dr. Webster is a clinical psychologist consultant and author of Success Management: How to Get to the Top and Keep Your Sanity Once You Get There , The Fear of Success: Stop It From Stopping You!, and Success! Ezine to help you get ahead in life. She is AASF’s Founder and President/CEO.