What is a Movie?


A movie, also called a film or motion picture, is a series of images with sound that tell a story. It can make you laugh, cry or feel scared. It can also teach you something about life, history or culture. A movie that is skillfully made in terms of acting, cinematography, editing and music can be a work of art that will linger in your mind.

A good movie has a good plot that keeps you interested throughout the whole film. It also has good characters that you care about and a setting that is realistic or sets the mood for the movie. It will have a climax that is exciting and a happy ending if it is a romance, drama or action film. It will have a sad ending if it is a thriller or horror film.

Some movies are based on real events and people, while others are fantasy or science fiction stories. A movie that is a comedy is meant to make you laugh, while a drama or romance will have a plot that makes you think about the people in the story and how they would react to situations. A movie can be historical or fictional, and it can also be a documentary or a remake.

To make a movie, a writer writes a script based on an idea or story that he has in his head. He sends it to an agent, who might like it and shop it around. If a studio or production company wants to make it, they will negotiate with the writer and actor about rewrites, fees and casting.

Then, the director will create a movie from the script and the actors will act in it. A cameraman will record the scenes with a film camera. After the movie is finished, it will be shown in a theater or at home on DVD or VHS.

Sometimes a movie will be a sequel to an earlier film, such as the Bride of Frankenstein. It can also be part of a series, such as the James Bond or Star Wars films. A movie may also be a remake, which is a film that is the same as another film but with different actors and a change in the storyline or the direction of the film.

A movie can also be a parable, which is a story that illustrates a moral or spiritual lesson. It can be about something that is happening in the world right now, or it can be an allegory for a bigger issue. For example, a movie about global warming might try to convince us to change our ways. A movie that is very scary or exciting might try to scare us into thinking about things we should do. A movie about war or other political issues might try to make you want to get involved. Then, there are movies that just try to entertain you and make you laugh or cry.