A Positive View on the Scientific and Technological Revolution of the Twentieth Century

Technology is the total collection of any technical skills, techniques, systems, and procedures employed in the creation of goods and services or in the achievement of specific objectives, for instance scientific research. It is an ever evolving field, having developed various means to deliver goods and services and achieve specific ends. Technology has also affected all facets of our lives. How can technology be defined? The answer lies in an assortment of factors, including economics, politics, technology, human societies, and more.


Science and technology are the study of technology and its effect on society. It is a complex field, whose history, development, and impact, is vast and growing exponentially. One of the fields affected by science and technology is the scientific community. The scope of modern technology is so vast that it influences all aspects of our lives. This includes medicine, engineering, business, and government.

The field of science and technology has various areas of specialization. Some areas of specialization are fields of research, technology, energy, materials science, information science, computer science, engineering, physics, astronomy, anthropology, and psychology. The aim of all these disciplines is to understand, monitor, control, and measure systems that interact with one another. These interactions are in turn influenced by some of the most important factors such as humans, nature, technology, and economic activity.

In the course of time, there have been significant changes made in the field of science and technology. Several technological innovations have been introduced in different sectors, which is able to make businesses easier. This helps in increasing productivity, efficiency, and profits. Also, new technologies have been introduced to aid in creating a positive environment for the mankind on the earth. Some of these technologies include solar energy, wind power, geothermal heat pump, nuclear energy, sustainable energy, electricity efficient devices, and other promising technologies.

It is very important to engage in positive environmental goals to ensure a healthy planet for the future generation. Engaging in positive environmental goals also helps in making businesses more profitable. There are several organizations who are working actively towards reducing the negative impact of digital technologies on the environment. Some of these environmental organizations include EPEnergy, Green4Energy, Clean Energy for Life, and The Nature Conservancy.

The scientific and technological revolution of the twentieth century has made the world a much closer place to live in. This has also created immense opportunities for knowledge transfer and invention across all domains. With this unprecedented level of technological advancement, Schatzberg looks forward to a “thirty first century” of increased global prosperity for humanity. He is therefore optimistic about the prospects for the future.