Featured News – What Is Success?

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If you scroll through social media, it can sometimes seem like everyone is living what looks like an ideal life. One person may post a photo from a vacation they just returned from, while another may be showing off an expensive purchase or accomplishment they recently achieved.

But what exactly defines success? And does achieving certain milestones automatically make you successful in society’s eyes?

The key to success is to find what gets you fired up, and the more passionate you are about your work, the more likely you’ll be to enjoy it. That’s the advice from Sara Blakely, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, who says you have to be willing to fail and learn from your mistakes.

Those who follow the “success sequence”—graduating high school, finding full-time employment and marrying before having children—are more likely to avoid poverty in adulthood than those who don’t. Tytan Smith, 29, has ticked off two of those milestones and is working toward the third. Ultimately, success to him is not only financial independence but also freedom to indulge in hobbies and philanthropic endeavors.