Celebrity 101

Celebrity is a state of wider public recognition and popularity of an individual or team due to the media’s extra-ordinary interest in them. Fame can be achieved through achievements in various fields and sometimes including film, literature, music, sports, politics, arts and comedy. The media tends to give more publicity to those who have attained celebrity status and also recognize their importance in society. They have become symbols for something or someone. Their lives are depicted by posters, books, movies, television shows, fashion and even costumes.


Film stars like Patrick Swayze, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are known around the world. They are treated as celebrities and their lives are hyped up by the public as well as by other media. In films, they are often introduced with a super-secret identity that protects their real identity but makes them seem extremely beautiful and desirable.

Actors and actresses are yet another category of celebrities. There is a huge amount of publicity and criticism they receive as well as awards ceremony as well known as awards. They are subjected to all sorts of press while performing and sometimes even before performing. Television programs are aimed at broadcasting the lives of well known celebrities and also portray them negatively if they are negative. The television and film industry as well as its stars attract viewers through their good looks, charming personality, appealing looks and the super-famous tag they possess.

The biggest stars in the television industry today are the ones who have created a name for themselves outside television. Some of them have acted in some films and also acted in some commercials and are quite popular amongst the audiences. Other popular television celebrities are the ones who are the faces of fast food chains, some of them have been models and some of them are actors. Fashion designers, musicians and actors are also of celebrity status. They are also subjected to all sorts of scrutiny and their lives are continuously hosapped and they are the targets for all kinds of scrutinization. Music icons like the Beatles have become quite famous all over the world because of their music.

The media and the film industry heavily rely on the celebrities so that they can promote their products and create a name for them. A celebrity’s popularity is dependent upon the mass media creating publicity and portraying the celebrity to the rest of the world. The images of well known celebrities are used in all kinds of advertisements. Television shows, magazines, newspapers and movies make use of celebrities and this has helped them to earn their fame and have built them a mass following.

It was not possible for actors and actresses in the past to get a break and be famous or make a lot of money if they were not famous or well established in the industry but fortunately for actors and actresses they have changed and now with time they are enjoying their celebrity status. They are paid a lot for their endorsements of products of different brands. Television and film stars also receive a hefty amount of salary and bonus for their various services which have made them popular in the society. Some of them even hold down a job as a singer, actor or actress and make a lot of money out of it. But the best part of being a celebrity is that celebrities are eligible for celebrity 100 list, where one can select a celebrity from the list and this helps to promote the business of a company or an individual.