The Main Types Of Movies In The Cinema Industry


The Main Types Of Movies In The Cinema Industry

A movie, also known as a video, short film, video film or motion picture, is an artistic work of visually spectacular artwork used to portray experiences, emotions, ideas, themes, beauty, or setting through the employment of moving pictures. Movies are produced for entertainment purposes and/or to earn revenue from sales of advertising. Movies can be shown in any medium of broadcast television, such as television, cinema, video on demand, VHS, DVD, cable TV, streaming digital video on demand and internet video. The term “movies” refers to a wide array of mediums including films, televisions series, video games, commercials, animation movies, and stage plays.

Film genres are the common classification system applied to different works of art. Each major genre of movies has its own features, elements and story concepts. There were three basic film genres during the early days of cinema: narrative, adventure, and music. These three have evolved into the current major film genres that we observe today. The genres may be further classified according to the directors who directed them, the themes they conveyed, and the message they contained.

Early films were primarily directed by male filmmakers. The first wave of female directors entered the industry during the late 1920s, and they produced many films that aimed to satisfy the desires of women and satisfy the societal expectations of their gender. The advent of the modern era altered the makeup of the film industry. Women began to direct and produce their own motion pictures and many of these films achieved box office success. Over the years, other genres of films were developed to accommodate the needs of women, including romance, science fiction, horror, comedy and action.

The dawn of international cinema as we know it began with the release of Lawrence Of Arabia. This film marked the beginning of the era of international cinema, which was dominated by European films until the 1950s. In the early days of cinema, filmmakers had more control over their films than they do now. They could control the content, the length, the theme, the casting and the overall tone of their films.

Early western genre films include Dixie (Fernielli), After Sunset (Mannses & Merritt), Stagecoach (Cox) and Wild Bill (Young). All of these films had strong American influence, and were considered suitable for the main cinema tradition at the time. A few of the main western genre films that are still popular today include Grease (Musso & Jennifer Goldsmith), A Boy Who Came to Earth (Movie: Love Actually), It Happens Here (Eddie Murphy & Richard Castellano), High School Confidential (John Singleton & Ben Kingsley), and True Grit (Movie: Lawrence). Some of these films are all-time greats in the history of cinema, and some of them are box-office hits today. Some of the earlier western genre films that I personally like are Mustang for example, and Tombstone, which is one of my favorites by Clint Eastwood.

Other movies that belong in the comedy genre include White Face, Forgetting Sarah Stone, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Cable Guy, Zoolander, Office Space, Zoolander – The Byward Young Guys, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Learned to Die Hard, Saturday Night Fever, and A Few Good Men. The comedy film genre includes comedies such as Home For the holidays, Cane Dad, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Other types of movies in this category include romance, war action, horror films, family films, fantasy films, and horror comedies. Some of these films may have strong political messages and some are completely family-oriented.