What is a Movie?


A movie is a film that tells a story. A movie can be about a real story or it can be fiction. Hundreds of movies are made every year. They are shown in movie theaters. People sit in a dark room to watch the movie on a screen. A movie can be funny, scary, or sad.

The word movie comes from the words moving pictures and picture. Movies are usually entertaining and make money. They are a way for people to escape from reality for a while. People like to talk about their favorite movies. They also like to debate about which movies are the best. The most popular and famous movies are called blockbusters.

a story

The story in a movie is what makes it special. It can be based on a true story or it can be made up by the actors. A good story will grab the audience and keep them interested. It will also make them think about what the movie was about long after the credits were rolling.

A movie can be a comedy, a drama, or a thriller. A thriller is a movie that keeps the audience guessing by having lots of ‘twists’ in the plot (story). The movie may be about a mystery, or it might be about someone trying to solve a crime. There is a lot of action in a thriller.

Sometimes a movie is a romance, or it might be a comedy. A romance is a movie that tells the story of two people in love. A comedy is a movie that makes audiences laugh.

There are many things that make a movie good. One of the most important is the script, or written story. The screenwriters must come up with a good story to keep the audience’s attention and also make them care about the characters. Then the other parts of the movie must be put together to create a great film.

A good director can make a movie with a small budget. He or she can also make a movie that is very popular and successful. A good director knows how to get the best performance out of his or her actors. He or she also understands how to set a scene and use lighting to add to the mood of the movie.

A good cinematographer can help a director make a beautiful movie with color and light. The cinematographer can also show the director how to capture a great sound track with microphones. A good composer can make a movie sound better than it would without music. He or she can also write the music for a movie. Finally, a good editor can put the different shots and scenes of the movie together so they flow well. The editor can also remove parts of the movie that aren’t needed or make them look better.