How to Write a Celebrity Essay


Whether they’re loved or hated, celebrities are a subject that generates intense interest from the general public. As a result, many students will be asked to write an essay about them, and it’s important to know how to approach this topic. The first step is to determine the type of essay you want to write. You can choose to focus on positive aspects of celebrity culture, such as how celebrities have changed society for the better, or you can also write about negative aspects, such as how celebrity often leads to a sense of narcissism. Once you’ve determined the type of essay you want to write, the next step is to research your chosen celebrity and gather evidence for your paper.

The word celebrity was derived from the Latin term celebritas, which means fame or renown. It entered English at the beginning of C15 and was used as an adjective for a person who was well known in the community. Later it came to be used for those who commanded widespread popular attention, usually as a result of being prominent in the worlds of sports and entertainment.

People may become famous for their work in sports or the arts, or they can be famous due to their wealth or extravagant lifestyle. It is not uncommon for families to become famous, especially when they have a history of scandal (such as the cases of the Barrymores, Cassidys and Jacksons), or for their connections with other celebrities.

Often, celebrities are famous because of their appearances on film and television. Musicians also frequently become famous through winning competitions like the X Factor or participating in Eurovision Song Contests (Take That and ABBA are two examples). Even once bands break up, individual members can still remain famous as singers.

Some famous people have been able to use their fame to promote positive social change, such as Mother Teresa or Winston Churchill. Others, however, have exploited their status to promote themselves or their products. Some have even been accused of using their status to abuse the trust of their fans.

There is also the growing phenomenon of a celebrity economy, where a person’s image is marketed as a commodity to be consumed and traded, much like a piece of clothing or a perfume bottle. This is a phenomenon that can be seen in fashion, music and politics, where images of popular figures are often used to sell products and services. A societal desire for celebrities is evident, and scholars have been attempting to understand the complex relationship between celebrity and consumer culture. Marshall, for example, has linked celebrity to an ideological value of individualism, and Rojek has analyzed the way that celebrities are used by various cultural industries. Both of these works have helped to shape the discourse on celebrity, alongside other important literature in sociology and cultural studies.