Success News – SUCCESS Academy Students Make National News

success news

We’ve got a lot of success news to share. SUCCESS Academy students are in the spotlight, making national news and receiving recognition for their efforts. We’re proud of our students, teachers, staff and parents!

For many people, success can be elusive. The pressure to balance career and family, to achieve a certain financial level while still enjoying quality of life can be overwhelming. Whether it’s the economic downturn or the wave of corporate scandals, survey after survey shows high achievers are revisiting their notion of success.

The reason is simple: One goal doesn’t satisfy all of a person’s complex needs and desires. No matter how noble the cause, no single goal can give you everything you want. The challenge is to find the right mix of goals, activities and experiences to satisfy all four dimensions: significance, fulfillment, meaning and achievement.

Identifying where your pursuit of success sits in this kaleidoscope can provide immediate insight into what you’re really seeking from success. For example, a family-oriented executive would never consider mixing cement to be a good career choice, but he or she might see that job as a success because it gives them the time to care for their kids and pursue philanthropic endeavors.

For a business, it’s just as important to recognize these distinctions. A company that focuses solely on earning profits could miss its long-term mission by failing to innovate. The best companies understand the importance of balancing growth and profitability with innovation.

This article explains some of the reasons St. George is America’s fastest growing city. It mentions schools like SUCCESS Academy that help prepare students for college. We’re proud that SUCCESS Academy is in the news!