How to Write a Movie Review

Movies are stories told by people through a film camera. The story is then shown to the audience (people watching the movie).

Movies can be made in different genres. Genres are groups of movies that have similar themes, like comedy, romance, horror, science fiction and drama. The four main elements of a movie are its plot, characters, setting and theme.

A good movie review is an objective summary of the story and the film’s technical and creative qualities. It should cover the following topics:

Plot (what the story is about)

This can include how the characters interact with each other, what happens to them and how it all ends up in the end. Thrillers usually have a lot of suspense and surprises (‘twists’) in the plot, which keep the audience guessing until the end. Dramas, on the other hand, are about characters in trouble. For example, a family fighting over the custody of their children can cause emotion (feelings) in the audience.

Characters (what the actors are doing and saying)

This includes their personalities, which can be determined from how they act and what they say. A good actor can portray a variety of different emotions and make the audience believe they are really that person. Setting (where the movie takes place)
A good setting can add to a movie’s atmosphere and make it more realistic. For example, a movie about World War II might take place in the actual locations where the events happened. This can help the viewer imagine they are there, which is more exciting than just watching a fictional scene in a studio.