Student Success Roundup: News and Insights About the Journey to Success

As the world struggles to define success, one thing is clear: Everyone has a different idea. Some see it as positively impacting society, earning a college degree or amassing wealth. Others view it as a simple goal for the day, a satisfying career or finding balance in life. Regardless of your definition, you’ll find news and insights about the journey to success in this weekly roundup.

Sara Blakely, the youngest self-made billionaire, says she defines success as “being willing to fail, over and over again.” The key to achieving success, she believes, is not quitting.

Tytan Smith has ticked off two of the three boxes that research shows can help prevent young people from experiencing poverty as adults — graduating from high school and landing full-time employment. He plans to pursue the third — marriage — soon.

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This content was originally published on Feb. 21, 2019. Student Success is the hub for actionable news and advice for higher education professionals who care about ensuring all students have what they need to succeed in school, in life and beyond.