What Makes a Celebrity?


A celebrity is a person who has gained fame or notoriety through their actions or supposed qualities and is celebrated as a result. Celebrities have both positive and negative impacts on society. Many people consider them untouchable idols while others view them as self-absorbed egomaniacs. Either way, celebrities are a fascinating topic to explore in an essay.

There are a lot of different ways that someone can become famous. Some people become famous by becoming an actor, singer or writer. Other people become famous by becoming a sports star, television show host or politician. Still other people become famous through winning a competition or becoming part of a group such as the X Factor (One Direction, Take That and ABBA).

One thing that makes someone a celebrity is when they are recognized in public by a large number of people. Usually when this occurs there is an enormous amount of media coverage. Often when this happens a person will be given a special treatment by the people around them. They might be asked to sign autographs or be given gifts that are normally reserved for other people. This is a big part of why some people dislike celebrities because they are seen as treating people differently just because they are famous.

Some people think that celebrities are not as good as regular people because they have more money and power than them. While this is true of some celebrities there are also some that use their fame to help people in need. People such as Mother Teresa, Ashton Kutcher and Marisol Nichols are just a few examples of celebrities that have used their fame to make a difference in the world.

Another reason why people like to look at celebrities is because of their talent and ability to entertain them. They might enjoy watching movies that a certain celebrity stars in or read books that they wrote. People also love to go to concerts of their favorite stars. In fact some people even make a career of going to concerts.

A celebrity has a very unique relationship with the public. They are constantly being scrutinized by the media and often have to answer questions about their personal life. This can be hard on some celebrities and it is sometimes difficult to balance their work life with their private life.

In the modern era of social media and internet fame it is possible for people to become famous without ever having to step foot in a theater or onto a movie set. This is why it is so important for a person to be very careful about what they put on their social media accounts. It could end up causing them more problems than it is worth.

Some politicians have reached celebrity status in the sense that they have a large following online. This has lead to the rise of a new type of politics where people like Van Jones, Hillary Clinton and Pete Buttigieg are making entertainment news headlines. They are using podcasting and other forms of new media to reach a larger audience than the traditional political process can. This is creating a culture where there are both positive and negative effects from celebrity involvement in politics.