Celebrity is a state of wide public recognition and popularity of an individual or team due to the heightened interest given to them through mass media. Celebrity gossip columns and tabloids are a common sight in most cities especially metropolitan areas. Often these celebrity gossip columns are also accompanied byContinue Reading

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The Importance of Movie Trailers A movie, also commonly known as a movie trailer, a short video, or moving image, is an artistic work of visual artwork used to simulate everyday experiences that communicate messages, ideas, emotions, beauty, or the environment through the medium of moving pictures. The term ‘moviemaking’Continue Reading

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A movie, also known as a motion picture, live-action film, or video-based film, is a complex work of visual art employing a collection of moving pictures that convey ideas, themes, emotions, beauty, or any other feeling through the visual means. Movie makers use a variety of techniques to create aContinue Reading

Technology is an umbrella term that describes a myriad of human endeavors that have grown over time, creating new tools and technologies each day. The “push for the button” revolutionized communications in our society when cell phones with cameras were introduced and mobile computing devices such as laptops made itContinue Reading